About This Blog

When my husband, Ern, opened the idea of starting a blog, I was initially hesitant because writing has not been a constant task in my weekly schedule. Now that we have a two-year-old son, I have been trying to manage my time so that I can still work as a therapist, manage four therapy centers with Ern and be with Christian right after work.

When Trails Manila officially opened its doors in December 2017, I realized that the number of children under the care of Trails Center has been increasing remarkably. As much as I would like to talk to all the parents, my time is limited.  I have decided to write this blog with our Trails parents and kids in mind. If some of the things that I will share as a therapist and a mom will also benefit parents and kids outside of Trails, it will be an added blessing.

As a practicing speech-language pathologist, my days are filled with stories. I hope to share these stories of hope, perseverance and love. Some days are challenging, other days are victorious but in general, days spent with children are always full of surprises and fun.

I invite you to read and get to know more about my varied advocacies. I do hope to hear from you too.