Different for Different People

One of the difficult questions usually posed by parents when commencing therapy is when will their child talk, walk or be regulated enough in varied situations. After practicing the SLP profession for more than 2 decades, I cannot answer this question because each child has his or her own pace. Some are more receptive to therapy than others. Varied factors come into play and one pressing factor is the severity of the problem or degree of delay.

Specialists are backed with years of study and training.

To our dear parents, your OT, PT, SPED and SLP professionals have studied and have been trained for 4 to 5 years to be able to assess and manage clients with different types of disorders or delays. Some of us even specialized in specific therapeutic approaches, just to make sure that we are able to match our program with our client’s current needs.

My analogy is simple, do you go to a plumber when your car breaks down? Professionals handling your child have their own specialization, be cautious when somebody says he or she is a plumber/mechanic/electrician/carpenter/barber rolled into one.
Dear parents, ask for credentials. It is your right to do so.

I believe that when clients/parents are more informed, they will also make informed decisions. In this day and age of fake products and professionals, we have to be more vigilant.

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